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parts. >> the united states engages in a number of operations to go after al qaeda and their militant allies. >> reporter: the plot was timed on the anniversary of osama bin laden's death. members of congress say while they concerned about new threats, they're confident in the u.s.'s ability to stop them. >> american intelligence was very much involved. there were many layers of defense here and it worked. >> they have to be right once. >> to be right every time. >> reporter: letters from osama bin laden's compound detailed his desire to attack the u.s. on a 9/11 anniversary. terror experts say yemen has e merged as a hot bed of al qaeda activity. >> al qaeda is home to the world's most dangerous bomb maker. >> reporter: frank has the homeland security policy institute at george washington university. that bomb maker remains at large and salufo said he's a serious threat. >> i think it's highly likely if he didn't have a direct hand, he's been training the next generation of bomb makers. >> reporter: for its part, the tsa has not announced new security measures in response to that foi
to be able to enjoy a beautiful day like today. >> we are the united states navy band commadores, premere jazz ensemble of the united states navy >> i love this kind of thing where military bands come out. they put on a great show on the holidays. they work the holiday ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> this day, they are still giving their lives for us and giving us this comfort of you know, being safe and knowing that if anything happens they are there. >> cotton candy bubble gum. >> yum. sit melting too fast for you? >> no. it hasn't melted even once. >> being a new yorker after 9/11 it was such a tragedy for everyone, and it is a wonderful thing just to know that they are giving their lives for us and keeping us safe. [ applause ] >> looks like everyone had fun. >> plenty of people showed their colors and spirit. drill teams, marching bands, community groups and military units entertained the crowds that came out to watch. >> i think you need to think of you know in the sense of memorial day the people who sacrificed their lives in some sense it is sad they are no longer with us but be happy we ha
of state hillary clinton was asked whether the united states is ready for a female president. she said she hopes to see it in her lifetime, but said she won't be the candidate. >> have have -- why have you been saying no to 2016. >> i feel like that -- . >> you're going to be that woman that breaks that final glass ceiling. >> no, really. i -- [ applause ] i, i am very flattered, but i feel like it's time for me to step off the high-wire. i have been involved at the highest levels of american politics for 20 years now. >> clinton is on the final stop of a tour through china, bangladesh, and india. >>> support for gay marriage from the obama administration that seems to be ated odds with the president's own views. this weekend, joe biden claims he was comfortable with heterosexual and gay couples receiving the same. the white house insists the vp has not broken ranks with the president. today during an interview, education secretary arne duncan said he believes that same-sex couples should be able to legally marry. >>> gay marriage is the issue that will send north carolina voters to the po
this country as a united states marine. >>> today, we remind the hunter family that we will not forget his sacrifice. to his family, please know, that we will continue to stand beside you in your grief. your son, your brother, your father, will always be held in our highest regard. >> trooper hunter was the father of six children. this is national police week honoring fallen law enforcement members across the country. >>> a guilty verdict, accused of keeping black voters away from the polls. julie worked for robert ehrlich. hehe told voters not to worry about voting because marty o'malley had already won. he was acquitted on three other charges. >>> president obama and mitt romney went head to head on the campaign trail today. the president highlighted his efforts to fix the housing market and mitt romney unleashed a new round of criticism against the president's handling of the economy. tom fitzgerald is handling both campaigns. >> think back on monday, this week started out with news that the cia had blocked an attempted al-qaeda bomb plot. that was soon followed by the news. for the r
of international law, the united states in is in an armed conflict with al qaeda, the taliban and some associated forces and we may use force consistent with our inherent rights of national self-defense. >> reporter: the language the former bush administration officials note is strikingly familiar to the republican justifications that candidate obama ripped in 2008. >> represents a 180y in his direction. hypocritical in a sense he continues to criticize those who believe in enhanced interrogation and, nonetheless, does this, which is far more intrusive, i would say. >> reporter: the republicans call this timing of themaive leak to the new york times and whether it was aimed at making the president look more hawkish. >> why this information and the people are target side led out to the press is shocking and fits a pattern of abuse of sensitive intelligence and national security information. >> reporter: white house officials insist there was nothing inappropriate and note the president's more direct hands-on approach has deliberate results. most notably taking out osama bin laden. >> president oba
-- >> thank the united states. >> reporter: to tony blair. over the past 70 years, high profile meetings were largely held away from public view. >> there's no substitute for face to face meetings, getting to know people, and even making assessments of them, whether this is somebody you can trust, seeing what their strengths and weaknesses are. >> reporter: every president since roosevelt has made use of the camp, after it was converted from a federal employee camp in the second world war. >> the secret service was concerned about president roosevelt being on his yacht and they were looking for a land base, and early after the president moved in, he changed the name. >> reporter: president eisenhower renamed it camp david after his father and grandson. after his term, president john k. kennedy conferred with eisenhower during the cuban missile crisis. in 1978, president jimmy carter brokered a peace agreement between egypt and israel. the kennedys were frequent visitors and ronald reagan spent more time there than any other president to date, earning him a place close in the hearts of local r
bank in the united states, a bank critical to the u.s. economy, doing speculative trading, like we saw here, they should focus on basic banking functions. it is a return to the idea of the glass separation that used to exist between investment banking and depository for many decades from the 30s to 90s. >> i read an article that said these banks are too big to be regulated by the government. is that the case here? >> there is a real question as to whether these banks are too big to manage, not just too big to fail, but too big to manage. too big for their top executives to really understand all the risks they are taking and i think the regulators have to take a very serious look at downsizing these banks. they have authority to do that under the dodd frank act so they can split up, downsize, causing banks to spin off speculative operations. the rule would have some of that effect and i think the regulators should take steps to simplify and shrink these banks. >>> thank you for coming in and giving us your perspective. >> thank you. >>> ceo of yahoo! giving shocking revelation about his
in the united states. the chinese dissident is blind but managed to escape from house arrest and to go to the u.s. embassy for refuge. he first agreed to a deal and then said he and his family feared their lives and wanted to leave. hillary clinton said she was offered a scholarship and will be offered a u.s. visa. >> we're also encouraged bow the official statement issued by the chinese government confirming that he is apply to travel abroad for this purpose. >> clinton is in china for two days. >>> last night during our 11:00 p.m. newscast and this morning, we aired a report at a beating at a mcdonald's on i street in the district. we reported the suspect was 35- year-old barbara roberson and aired a picture of hear. of the woman in the picture, this picture was of the wrong barbara roberson, an upstanding citizens and not a suspect. the victim wrongly identified this picture as that of her attacker and this is not the picture of the suspect. the police apologized to miss roberson and this family and we regret this error and embarrassment it's caused her. we also posted an apology at www.myfo
and it looks like it's tracking through the weekend and off of the united states coast and watch this and make sure there is no influence on the beaches and we'll monitor what is going o.noaa released the hurricane prediction this year and how about if i share that with you at 6:00. this is your five-day forecast, memorial day, what? isn't it groundhog day? >> i know. and that went fast. >> i know it did. >> happy memorial weekend to everyone and i bet a lot of people are heading to the weekend. >>> and check in with brian and what is next. >>> a four-year-old with an alter ego. >> $5 and -- [ indiscernible ] >> how superheros are helping him learn it's okay to be yourself. >>. and i a metro driver comes to a rescue during a disaster. how he may have saved a victim's life. >>> and tragedy at a maryland farm, the bizarre accident that took a father and two sons. . >>> how many times have you tried to get the last drop of ketchup out of the bottle? this mean a solution. it's covered with a substance called liquid glide approved by the fda and helps ketchup slide out of the bottle without stickin
opinion, the greatest human rights atrocity in the united states today. >> reporter: the congressman's attempted intervention on abortion interventioned prompted many city residents to call ironically for more constituents service. >> and i live in the district and i am glad that mr. franks is so into taking care of all of our urban problems. one thing he could do is to continue the federal funding for the metro. >> reporter: eugene kenlow brought a photo of a d.c. pothole. >> and going to be into our d.c. government, he might as well take care of the potholes, to. >> reporter: some came to get him to intervon on confusing parking regulations and many referred to the arizona republicanman as mayor franks. >> and one thing he could do is the anacostia river. it's dirty and needs to be cleaned. i brought the plunger along to bring to him to help plunge the river. >> reporter: and his d.c. office was closed for the day. the house is on recent, though other members' offices were staffed with workers and the protestors tried to leave their ironic suggestions on the door of the congressman
in congress, senator richard, mr. uger lost his seat. >> serving the people of indiana. and in the united states senate has been the greatest honor of my public life. >> reporter: republican primary voters in indiana have decided they don't want senator luger to serve a seventh term. they ousted him in favor of the tea party person. >> the democrats coming to the republicans point of view. >> reporter: democrats show their appreciation of luger. the president wrote, quote, while dick and i didn't agree on everything, i found in my time in the senate, he was often willing to reach across the aisle and get things done. luger's loss has men wondering what this means for the makeup of the senate. the dnc chair said that murdoch's win proves the tea party and gop are now one in the same. others argue democrats should be concerned about holding on to their slim senate lead. >> and this is a big win. can murdoch hold the seat in november, and i think he's likely to. >> reporter: in wisconsin, democratic primary voters decided a gubernatorial recall election next month will be a rematch of the 20
to make similar efforts. >> the wealthiest nation on earth, i believe, the united states has a moral obligation to lead the fight against hugger and malnutrition and to partner with others. >> and when the g-8 ends on saturday, he will go to chicago for the meeting. >>> protestors are gathering in thurmont, maryland, just outside of the closed presidential retreat. tom fitzgerald is there and is the up to ready? >> reporter: from the looks of it from what we have seen, they have enough police to handle anything. the question remains, though, are they going to be needed? while a small army of media and law enforcement descended on the town of thurmont, they joind by a small number of 1 dozen protestors. thurmont, maryland, population, 6,000 this weekend, that number is going up. ahead of the g-8 economic sum it, this small town in western maryland is as close as anyone who is not invited to camp david will get to camp david. >> we're used to presidential visits. they occur all of the time. and they're up the road here. >> reporter: corporal jason west said that beefed up federal, stat
over gay marriage in the united states in baltimore this morning. the naacp announced it's new supporting marriage equality and will fight any efforts to restrict the rights of gay people who want to marry. the now. has touched off a strong reaction, especially among some leaders in african-american churches. tom fitzgerald is here. was this a surprise? >> reporter: laura, at first glance it seems to put the civil rights organization at odds with a good portion of the supporters. a recent survey by pew research found 39% of african-americans support gay marriage and 47% of whites do. the mission has been to support civil rights and that extends, they say, today, to people's right to marry. the president of the naacp said that it's the most important civil rights issue today. >> i support the freedom to marry to all. >> reporter: they hope the new resolution, which supports same- sex marriage, will cause african-americans to support marriage equality as a civil right. >> we want to be on record the naacp firmly opposes all efforts to restrict marriage equality. >> reporter: so f
us and threatened the united states and allies around the world. >> reporter: the bin laden letters detailed how he hoped to deliver a major address of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. that letter was dated on april 26th of the 2011 and as you know, bin laden was killed by u.s. military special forces five days later, shawn. >> tom fitzgerald, thank you. >>> the delicate relationship between the u.s. and china may be tested today as the diplomatic situation involving a well-known chinese dissident threatens to overshadow high- level talks taking place there now and fox's peter ducey has the latest. >> reporter: this chinese dissident trying to explain why he changeed his mind about staying in china, after agreeing to leave the american embassy in beijing where he was hiding out for almost a week. he said he made the decision to stay without having all of the information, claiming he was told that his wife and family were threatened by government officials in his home village. his relocation would not be far enough to prevent further harassment and surveillance equipment was
the united states needs to do a better job in as far as taking the fight against terrorism both domestically and overseas that we have not moved into just yet? >> and the strength is on the technological side. what we have to always work at is that human intelligence. there is no substitute for having reliable source of information that speak the language fluently, can imbed themselves inside the groups and can give us reliable confidence. >> thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> and. >>> it was a move they thought they had to make during tough financial times. the d.c. council voted to furlough most city workers for four days and then the mayor proposed the planta pa back. and matt ackland has more. >> reporter: esemployees like the idea of getting the four days of pay and that would cost the city $22 million. today, the council couldn't come to an agreement and the measure failed. a compromise is offered to -- when the city would get a clearer picture. some said no to four days now when they need the money in other places. >> and no one is suggest anyone likes the notion of fu
's ambassador is being told to get out of the united states. the u.s. joins others in expelling the syrian diplomats after the syrian government massacred its civilians. tom fitzgerald spent the day at the syrian embassy. what is the reaction? >> reporter: at one point, we were at the syrian embassy today and a woman identified herself as a press representative that came out of the embassy and said there might be statement and never returned this is in direction response to the syrian government-ordered massacre to order 100 of its own people. at the syrian embassy in washington, no one was talking about the obama administration's decision to expel syria's top dip lotma in the u.s. >> and we took this reaction. >> reporter: the state department spokeswoman denounced syrian president assad for the executions of 108 people as part of his crackdown against protestors. >> and that is absolutely indefensible, vial e despebbleable massacre against innocent children, women, shot at point-blank range. >> reporter: the u.n. estimates 9,000 syrians were killed by their own government since the upris
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